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Designing the Business Model as a Product

“Good design is good business”

Thomas Watson Junior 1973 (2nd president of IBM)

A facet overlooked in most business models is the visual design and its impact.    A business process model is, after all,  a visual representation of the work flow and all the information related to that flow such as who performs it, how it is performed, and any special requirements or notations.

In most BPM tools, this information is conveyed by the shape of the 2D block, text, colours and position. Computer graphics, automation and visual effects have progressed in leaps and bounds but business models are still represented using notation and conventions developed decades ago.

Business process models have been handled as engineering drawings in which “function overrides fashion”. The model is considered as the means to designing the product (good processes). But the model is the representation of the process and therefore it is the product. It is the means for users to access information and assistance in their work.  However the user experience is not catered for.

User experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product

Most tools are designed to allow more and more meta data to be included without considering the user.  The more complicated the project, the more essential UX design is. Too many features handled the wrong way can deter users like nothing else.  This occurs all too often with business models.

A good business model should encompass many design elements:

It should be visually attractive to draw the users in and sustain their focus and interest. It should be able to embed a variety of different information. And this information should be easily findable and communicated in a format which allows the user to quickly comprehend and analyse it.

The first step in process improvement is to identify the need.

A business model which incorporates all those design elements will encourage users to access the model, empowering them to easily visualise the process and identify areas for improvement.

It’s time to design business models for a beautiful user experience.

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