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Tesla Roadster based on Lotus Elise

Minimal Viable Product

When the Tesla started their company they did not want to start by building a complete electric car. Instead they started with an MVP, a Minimal Viable Product. They looked at what was the main issue with electric cars and focused on that issue. That issue was the limited range, the issue that leads to Range Anxiety.

They used a proven car and replaced the standard internal combustion engine, gearbox and gas tank and replaced it with a battery, controller and an electric motor. The proven car was a Lotus Elise and with this change the Tesla Roadster was born.

From then on they started building their own car from scratch with led to the Tesla Model S, Model X and model 3. They listened to their growing client base when building newer cars.

That sound cool right?

Tesla Roadster
Tesla Roadster with windmill as backdrop

Unfortunately, it is not true. The Tesla Roadster and Lotus Elise share only the windshield, dashboard with airbags and steering wheel. The two cars share less components than an Audi and a Lamborghini.

However, Lotus did build the glider for Tesla; a car without the engine (and other parts used for propulsion). They basically outsourced the building of the car itself.

But the story itself is a good example of an MVP and precisely what Raven Consultancy has in mind for Process Modelling. We start of with our Tesla Roadster by building standard process models for certain processes, e.g. Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology (ITIL).

These processes are available as a Service, subscription based.

We can then discuss with you, our customer, how our Tesla Model S should look like. And who does not want to have influence on how a Tesla looks like? Okay, it’s not a Tesla, but it is still our (you and us) Process Model.

We are ready to improve your business by visualising your Process Models and improving them where necessary Are you ready as well?.

Contact us and let us know!

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