Raven Consultancy

What we are about

Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)

Unleashing the Creative Potential in every Employee


Our mission is to support the employees of our customers by giving them the tools they need to have an optimal performance. Especially to know what work they need to do and how their work is interconnected.

We want to build understanding between people and have them understand how their work affects the work of others.



Our vision is to make companies better by visualising and improving the business processes.

Nowadays people read less than in the past, especially if it is boring to read. Business processes are usually not the most exiting reading material. But the information in those documents are vital for a company. Our vision is to make business processes easier to “read” by making them more visual appealing and interactive.



As a start up you are the most important aspect. You are our potential customer and early adopter.

Our strategy is not to have a solid solution with all functionality on board. Taking this approach means we dictate our solution to our customers.
We do not want to do that.

We want that you to tell us their requirements so we can add them to our solution.
As an early adopter you have the opportunity to steer our solution to your needs.